The Class   

 NMNA   '67,

The following Class members attended some/part/or all of the events and good times of the 40th Reunion:

Scott Anderson and wife, Donna
Will Askew
Paul Bader and wife, Marcia
Steve Benning
Bard Boand
Bob Brillman and friend, Cynthia
Terry Dearborn and wife, Wendy
Dick Hepner and wife, Marilyn
Bill Himmelmann and friend, Marilyn
Jeff Kaye and wife, Jan
Jim King
Paul Olmsted
Ron Rubel
Mike Shaughnessy
Chuck White

From the faculty:
Our class advisor Steve Elliott and his wife Margaret(school nurse)
Chemistry Teacher Bill Leyda and his wife Martha
Spanish Teacher Senor Klug
and Chris Jacobson Brookes, daughter of our HeadMaster


These classmates were unable to attend the reunion but we hope they can relive parts of the memories thru this website:

Paul Blackwell
John Blumenshine
John Bosnick
Bill Denniston
Kirt Hayes
John Kiber
Mike Libmann
Jim Schroeder
Guy Sherwood
Phil Tarr
Paul Valbert
Mike Wallace
Chris Warner

Classmates no longer with us:

Charles Cummins
Greg Schupp
Steve Sappanos
James Stirton

If we are missing any names, please let us know!

Please submit any information you'd like to see here.