NMNA   '67, 2007

Varied, funny, touching, serious and ever heartfelt memories of our days at NMNA.  Classmates, faculty, staff, antics you were involved with or only heard about - please feel free to submit photographs or text!

Class of '67

First, thanks are in order to Steve Benning and Gus Himmelman for brain-childing this gathering and for their persistent and tireless efforts in organizing our special event.

Second, thanks to all brother cadets who attended and from distant ports of call; Scott, Paul B., Steve, Bard, Bob, Dick, Gus, Jeff, Jim, Paul O., Ron, Mike, Will, Terry and myself.

Those who weren't able to make it, we all look forward to another with you there; John K., Jim S., in particular. 

Of very special note, and I will say, that the reunion would not have been near complete without them; thank you to Steve and Margaret Elliot for gracing us with their persons and their presence.

Steve was more than our English professor and senior advisor; he was a contemporary and remains so.

I thank Margaret for not allowing our feigning illness to escape one of the many nonsensical events we all, at one time or another, tried to avoid.

Seeing everyone immediately brought me back to 1967; it was as if very little had changed; other than some pounds, gray hairs and a few wrinkles and of course, our own little war stories from the years past., but we were, again, who we were back then; knuckleheads all :)

I feel and know that I have recaptured that part of my life and the friendships within.

I thank everyone for those 2 days and will look forward to 'next time'!

And many thanks to Jeff Kaye(a life's best friend) and Jan for creating this site and providing the continued opportunity to share these and other's thoughts and reflections as we continue the journey.


Chuck White
June 13, 2007

To our missing classmates and those who are alive and kicking, I salute you. I'm sorry that I am missing this 40th reunion of our graduation, but I have already been blessed with my memories of you all and I am looking forward this weekend to building new memories with my first born grandson that I have yet to meet, in person.

Our first grandchild, a wonderful granddaughter, was born 3 years ago to my most precocious daughter and she has finally got what she deserves, a daughter just like herself at this age. There is a God.

This was not an easy decision to miss this weekend, NM&NA was home for me as it was for so many of us. Our teachers, Col. Jacobson, Col. Hahn, Major Lilitch, Bob Abicht, Coach Kohn and Steve Elliott to name just a few, gave us all the opportunity to expand our knowledge and to seek wisdom. These worthy adversaries of ignorance, sloth and injustice have given, to so many more than just we few, the tools to live life successfully. Whether a fortune made or a gesture of kindness, we learned it here.

Steve, I thank you for your mailing of Caunterbury-my children have actually heard me recite this many times as they were growing up and my wife studied Medieval English as her major in College, ... little did we know how that simple page from English lit would playa part in my marriage and family. Your legend has infected another generation and perhaps another through my grandchildren.

To those of you who are retired, or in the process, or have made your fortune, ... I hope you pick up the tab this weekend.

I'm looking forward to talking to you and perhaps seeing some of you in the next few years.

Have fun, be safe and thank you for being a most important part of my life,

Jim Schroeder